The nearing of a new beginning

So … It’s been a while since my last blog for a variety of different reasons. Main one – laptop is currently broken and i’m attempting to write this on my iPad! (pain!!) my timings of each blog I’ve done have kinda mirrored the stage of rehab I’m at. Looking back at those first few phases and can’t believe how far I’ve come and developed in so many senses. People say that going through injury, especially those that are long term, makes you stronger as a person. I can definitely echo this however it has been a surprising journey for me so far. I didn’t realise the impact injury could have on every aspect of my life, which has in turn made me grow up and become even more responsible for myself. When I say it has affected everything I genuinely mean from the tiniest problem to larger scale things. I’m not saying this for sympathy or anything like that, I was just naive in the way I approached life and all it’s challenges prior to this. In turn, similar to my rehab mentality, I am becoming a more mature and responsible person. For that, part of me is glad this injury came when it did I know I will appreciate every little thing now when I get the chance to. 

So rehab … Currently I am in a phase of rehab which runs from 3-6 months post op. The aims of this stage of rehab are to increase all strength within both knees as well as all surrounding muscles. I can also do small runs little and often at the moment which is amazing, however I will talk about that later!! I’m able to ‘gently’ 😉 pass the ball and do kick-ups, which I find myself doing throughout every coaching session I do. It’s surprising how much pleasure I get from kicking a ball. That’s my ‘nirvana’ … Everything I  do is in a controlled environment however, I just cannot wait to be on the pitch smashing balls about with no restrictions.



Absolutely knackered after a fitness session with Graham (the devil) our S&C coach ? 


Running – I’ve always been one of these not so keen on running, especially for a long time, this is the physical attribute which needs to improve the most!! However, after months of hobbling about and power walking, being told I can run is brilliant. What a feeling. For anyone going through similar situations, just keep doing what you’re being instructed to do because the prizes are worth it. Running, kicking a ball, whatever your sport all bring amazing feelings that I won’t ever take for granted again. And I’m not even playing yet! Exciting times…



What a feeling!!! 

As hard as it may seem for people whatever situation they’re faced with in life, I stand by the fact that everything happens for a reason and time is a healer. You just have to take a step back from the situation you’re faced with and look for positives, however little they seem to be, sometimes you have to look harder but don’t give up. It’s worth it!! I will also say as many people know, things in life are sent to test us and if you can keep moving forward with a smile on your face you will start to win the battle. Nothing worth having in life comes easy and after this injury, like I said before, I will be appreciating everything in my life 100x times more than I have done before. Life’s too short …! 🙂 

Last but certainly not least it has been the most amazing season for Bristol Academy, surpassing I think everyone’s expectations. So many people were quick to write us off, and how wrong they were. It’s no surprise were are in our current situation when if you look at our team, the talent and togetherness we show week in, week out is there in abundance. If you have any slight interest in supporting our FAMILY in our final league game, and title decider, vs Liverpool on the 29th of Sept, then please do!!

thank you for taking the time to read my blog … Sorry for the delay again!

love life, L x



  1. Neil Procter · · Reply

    About time too!! Glad it’s going well, Stan. Keep smiling. Keep trying.

  2. Rob James · · Reply

    Fanrastic read Lucy. You should be so proud of yourself

  3. Martin Radford · · Reply

    A good read and a great outlook/philosophy Lucy. You will come back stronger than before. And with the Vixens team we already have, the addition of a fitter, stronger Lucy is somewhat scary …for the others! See you in Liverpool.

  4. Mike Curson · · Reply

    Inspiring read, it wii be great to see you back in a Bristol shirt. Keep up the hard work and good luck to you in your recovery

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